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Mandriva 2008.1 Powerpack

Juan Caballero

Me llego el siguiente correo para probar gratis por 3 meses la suscripcion para el Powerpack. Por si no saben Mandriva ofrece 4 versiones de su distro:

Si alguien gusta usarla para probarla.

Mandriva is offering you three months of Powerpack subscription for free. From Monday, June 23rd to Monday, June 30th you can benefit from a special 25% discount - like receiving the first three months free - off the annual Powerpack subscription price. This special offer is also valid for subscription renewals.

The Powerpack subscription gives you unlimited access to download the Powerpack commercial edition of the most recent Mandriva Linux releases for one year. The Powerpack edition of Mandriva Linux comes with exclusive commercial software, such as the Cedega Windows gaming compatibility system and Fluendo media codecs. Your Powerpack subscription also comes with bonus access to several courses on the Mandriva e-Training system. Finally you will be able to increase benefit of Linux desktop experience using Mandriva dedicated web support.

If you are already a Powerpack subscriber this is an opportunity for you to renew your membership while receiving three months free. You don’t lose any time by renewing before your subscription expires - the additional twelve months will be added from the current ending date of your subscription.

Click here to get 3 months for free!

To benefit from the special discount please enter the following promotion code while subscribing: “PCS-CL0508”.

The Mandriva Online Team